About us

EVXParts is the first e-commerce website specialising in the sale of spare parts and accessories for NIU electric scooters and other brands.

EVXParts is present in Italy with a dedicated team to support its customers. Our decades of experience in the two-wheeled electric vehicle sector and our in-house management skills allow us to make the site increasingly complete, accessible and accurate. Come back and visit us as often as possible to keep up to date. And sign up for our Newsletter so you don't miss out on our offers and latest news.


EVXParts.com offers its customers the largest catalogue of accessories and spare parts on the internet. We sell a wide assortment of accessories for everyone and are available for specific requests from our users.
Our online shop has several categories: spare parts - accessories - miscellaneous - shops.
Many items are in stock, the less popular spare parts will be ordered at the time of your order, from our suppliers. As we have good contacts with many manufacturers, most of the spare parts will be delivered to us in about 7 days.

Customer service

Compared to other e-commerce sites EVXParts.com wants to be a benchmark for its customers for ease of use, clarity, range of spare parts in stock and speed of response. Our customer service is always available, don't hesitate to contact us.

If you see that the model you need is not available on the site, it means that we have no intention of selling it soon. But if you think your model should be added, please let us know via our form. We are always very attentive to our customers' needs and try to improve our services with regard to orders and any questions you may have.